Trading Post: Craft Station


The Trading Post is the station where children make fun crafts that help remind them of the Daily Call.








Daily Schedule

Day 1: Cactus Rock Garden
Grab and Go Craft Option—Western Cactus Magnet Craft Kit

Order Western Cactus Magnet Craft Kit









Day 2: Gold Mining Prospector's Bags
Grab and Go Craft Option—Mini Drawstring Bag

Order Mini Drawstring Bags










Day 3: Sunset Art
Grab and Go Craft Option—Sunset Silhouette

Order Sunset Silhouette Kit











Day 4: Treasure Chest
Grab and Go Craft Option—Cowboy Boot Ornament Craft Kit

Order Cowboy Boot Ornament Craft Kit










Day 5: Foil Punch Art
Grab and Go Craft Option—Colors of Faith Sand Art Crosses

Order Colors of Faith Sand Art Crosses Kit









Heart Pattern




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