Bible Story

Area 66


Area 66 This is where the kids learn the truths of the Bible, from the Bible. The Bible lesson is told through the eyes and personality of two helpers at a museum. Hannah, the history scholar, and Rashid, the computer wiz, work together to uncover the truths that answer the question posed each day.






Daily Schedule

  • Day 1: Hannah and Rashid explain about God speaking our world into existence.
  • Day 2: Hannah and Rashid explore the significance of the seventh day of creation.
  • Day 3: Hannah and Rashid examine how sin entered the world through disobedience.
  • Day 4: Hannah and Rashid talk about the flood and how choosing baptism helps us start over.
  • Day 5: Hannah and Rashid come to understand the recreation that God had in mind for the world—and for us—after the flood.