Life Applications

The Clubhouse: Xperience how Jesus can use you to love others through relational activities


Designed to go hand-in-hand with Adventures with Dr. Luke, The Clubhouse was created to help kids learn and practice interpersonal skills and tools related to the faith lesson of the day. One of the biggest challenges in relationships is that many people, both kids and grown-ups alike, know that we should treat others well (be nice, be accepting, etc.), but we don't have the tools to help us get there. It is our hope that this station will help provide those tools.

Find out how many kids you will have so you can prepare for each day. Ensure that you have enough supplies.

Daily Schedule

  • Day 1: Learn acceptance through empathy.
  • Day 2: Learn how to care by being observant.
  • Day 3: Learn how to be supportive when others go through difficult times.
  • Day 4: Learn the importance of forgiving others.
  • Day 5: Learn the importance of knowing that Jesus believes in us.


Training Video